User's Guide


■ Address
 Shizuoka-ken Haibara-gun Yoshida-cho Kataoka404
■ Telephone

Opening hours

■ Monday ~ Thursday
 10:00a.m. ~ 6:30p.m.
■ Saturday・Sunday、National holidays・Holidays
 9:30a.m. ~ 5:30p.m.

Closed days

■ Every week on Fridays、Every month on 3rd Tuesdays.
■ To arrange the library collection・special period to organize the library collection、new year holidays.

How to obtain a library membership card

Any person can obtain the membership card. Please come to the library bearing the documents attesting your address, name, date of birth( such as health insurance card・driver’s license・student’s ID card・passport, etc.).

How to renewal the library membership card

The validity of the membership card shall be of 3 years. Each 3 years it is necessary to make the verification of address.

Loss of the library membership card・Modification in his registration

In cases you have lost your membership card, if your address or telephone number was changed, please contact the library.

How to borrow the materials

You must show your membership card to the service counter at the time of borrowing the materials. Please present yourself at the service counter to borrow the books and audio-visual materials and show your membership card.

Library materials Maximum number of volumes can be borrowed Loan period
※ It is not possible to borrow the latest edition of the magazine
Up to 10 volumes Within 2 weeks
Audio-visual material(CD・DVD・VIDEO TAPE) Up to 3 items

※ The library user will not be allowed to borrow additional items while being late in returning other materials ( items ) of the collection.

※ The library user can apply to extend a borrow within the period of the loan. The period to renew a loan will be 2 weeks from the day of the request. The period to renew a loan will be granted only once.

※ It is not possible to extend the period of a loan of the material ( item ) borrowed when there is a delay in the return of the material as well as in the occasion when someone else has requested the material ( item ) in question.

How to return the materials of the library

Please bring to the service counter the borrowed materials ( items ).
※ Please use the collecting box to return the borrowed materials on holidays・after the library is closed. But for those who will return audio-visual items, there is a risk of damage, so please return them directly to the service counter.

When the material ( item ) becomes dirty or damaged

Please notify the library immediately in case you lost or to soil the material ( item ) of the library collection. In case of loss or irreparable damage at the borrowed item, the user must indemnify the library by replacing the same item. If it is possible to repair the material ( item ) ,we will request the repair to a specialist so do not make any repair at home and please bring it until the library.

With regards to the drink

Only PET bottles or thermos flasks closed with a cap are permitted inside the library. Please use the space located on the 1st floor for eating and drinking if is using paper cups with a cap, paper bags, beverage cans ( with stay on tab ).

※Please ask library staff for more information.